Day 1: Flawed (8.10.11)

Day one. I woke up today abnormally aware of and resistant to my flaws. It prompted a journey for me, of going over my relationship with flaws, of all the ways I have ever tried to hide myself from you, all the ways I have ever run away from you (and, oh boy, have I run), terrified you’d see my “flaws”.

You know what I said this morning? Screw it. This is me. This will never change. I will always be me. Transformations, jobs, boys, locations, everything may come and go, but I’m with me for life. And I’m going to love me, damnnit, exactly how I am. Whoever said/says I need “x, y, and z” to be loved never knew the power of looking deeply into their own eyes… and saying hello to their best friend.

Hello best friend. We’ve been through a lot together. We’ve cried, laughed, raged, explored, and fought together. We fought against each other for so long, but we’ve made amends, and now now it’s just you and me – learning to hold hands and bring forth the gold that lays within. I love you. There’s *no one* I’d rather spend the rest of my life with. I wouldn’t trade you for anything.

I am flawed and I am beautiful. I am flawed and I am loved. I am flawed and I am powerful. I am flawed and I am perfect.

I am flawed and I am happy.

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