Day 3: Connecting (8.12.11)

I’m a one-on-one type of gal. I much prefer to spend a good chunk of quality time with one person, and really connect with that person, than large group outings… unless they involve white waters and rafts. 😉

Thankfully, my life is FILLED with super, incredible, amazing people whom anyone in their right, centered mind would LOVE to connect with. Oh if you only saw the light I see in you, my beautiful friends. You would never ever doubt your power or your journey.

Today was about connecting with my awesome friend, Patrick, seen here* making a hilariously funny face (LOL! As I told him, the simplest things are sooo funny to me and I often don’t get how others can’t see why they’re funny, too!!! lol).

We watched Star Wars, Episode 2. The movie was lackluster, the conversation was superb. “What would 8th grade Amparo think about your life now?” 8th grade Amparo would be amazed at what my life has become and how happy and solid I am. She’d also know I want more from life and actively, persistently encourage me to reach for more. She’d say, “do it for me”. I will, little Estre.** I will.

Thank you, Patrick. 😀

* For privacy reasons, I’ve decided not to include the original photo here (at least for now), which included Patrick.  Enjoy the animals I found through Google! 🙂

** That was my nickname while growing up. 🙂

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