Day 25: Effortless Perfection Everywhere :D (9.3.11)

Picture cropped from original for privacy reasons :).

Have you ever had one of those days where everything falls into place, perfectly, and you dance around with joy because of the ease with which everything came together? lol I have those days a lot now, it seems! More often, too, now that I constantly ask myself, “where does the perfection/lesson/gift lie in this moment?”

Today was one of those days. 🙂 Gah, and as I’m writing, I’m seeing more perfection :).

God, Life, Universe, thank you for such a fantastic day. Thank you for how perfectly everything came together. Thank you for the opportunity to connect with old friends and new. Thank you for the abundance of joy and laughter today, and for the chance to be a kid at the end. Thank you for keeping me safe through it all. Thank you for the love – ALL the amazing love – that I felt today from so, so many different sources. I love you.

I end my day with an amazing surge of peaceful happiness. My day was an example of how perfectly everything comes together when you let the water carry you to shore and look for the perfection in every moment, especially those that turn out differently from what you thought you wanted. Today didn’t turn out as I had initially planned, but because I was open to what life wanted to show me… it was perfect. 😀 It is *AMAZING* what happens when your viewpoint changes from “What is missing?” to “how is ‘what is’ perfect?” You stop resisting what is and you start accepting the gift it came to give you!!! Because every moment has a gift just for you!!! 😀 I promise you!! 😀 It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look exactly like what you wanted… sometimes, life has something better planned for you than you could ever have concieved of for yourself. But first, you have to switch your mind. After that, the magic flows. 🙂 🙂 🙂

😀 So happy. What an amazing 25 days… what an amazing 25 years. 🙂 Cheers to a new year, a new life, and so much goodness. ♥ I’ll post a seperate album of highlights of today… to preserve the wonderful memories. 🙂

Good night, mi vida bella. 🙂

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