Reveal to Me Your Divinity

A powerful, powerful phrase just came to my awareness as I was meditating and I feel an incredible strong need to share it everywhere: Reveal to me your divinity.

My meditation was clouded by judgments of those people and situations I deem “bad” in some way; I could feel the disconnect. As I entered deeper into my meditation, and asked for guidance on transforming this, the phrase “reveal to me your divinity” popped into my head.

Use it!

Say it 50 times. I think I’ve said it hundreds of times in the past 20 min! I feel so powerful! So light! In such a deeply meditative, connect state. That phrase slashed through my judgments on a level that only my body can feel. My thinking brain hasn’t sifted through it. But I don’t need to sift through it to feel how powerful it is! Words are so powerful!!!!! Everyone knows it on some level – it’s why tyrants try SO hard to silence them and why those committed to bringing out the light in this world focus on the important of affirmations. It’s why Twitter is so hot! It’s why our world has progressed so much in such a short amount of time. The spread and use of powerful, simple phrases that touch our cores, warm our hearts, and throw up our fists!!

Yes I can!

I am love.

I am light.

I am powerful.

I am wise.

I am handsome/beautiful.

I am rich.

I am loved.

I am whole.

I am.

Words are a beautiful gift of clay, ready to be molded according to whatever intent you give them. Reveal to me your divinity. Reveal to me your beauty. Reveal to me your light Reveal to me your perfection. Reveal to me your lesson. Reveal to me your ___________.

It’s yours. Use it however feels right, however most makes your heart sing. That’s the whole point of this huge, complicated, gorgeous life. We were all meant to hear our hearts sing. 🙂

Let’s do this!!!

So much Love!!!


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