Day 10: The Sun’s Still out, Even When It’s Cloudy Out (8.19.11)

Somewhere in the middle of my day, I thought about this photo album and thought the perfect starting sentence would be, “today was not my smoothest day ever”. lol and then it got much better soon after. 🙂

I started off my day on an off-note. I had a dream that puzzled and frustrated me. Then I got a rejection note from a place I applied to a while ago… and though I saw it coming, it still hurt a bit. And so on. There were a good 4-5 major things today that knocked me around a bit.

So, somewhere in the middle of my day I thought, “oh man. i’m reaching a boiling point. I need to go out in nature.” So I left, went to my favorite park, and just sat and coached myself. 🙂 🙂 🙂 What a great coaching session. I remembered two things that brought me back to center.

One was a great quote in one of my personal development books. I can’t quote it directly, but it said something like, “even when it’s cloudy out, the sun is still shining behind it.” You may be going through a rough patch, my friend, but know that the sun’s still there behind it all, and it will shine soon again when the clouds part.

The second thing was the knowledge that every obstacle/challenge/etc. in my life (especially any particularly big one) has served me in some way. A rejection for a position that I wasn’t too enthused about clears the way for one that’ll rock my socks. Plus, the experience of interviewing was invaluable and gave me enough momentum to actually start my job hunt.

Like that, I went through each experience and I asked, “what gift does this hold for me?” I’m still asking that question, and each time I come up with another gift… I feel fantastic. 😀 That question alone has been key to going from a place of struggle, anger, and frustration…. to gratitude and power… in SO many areas of my life.

If you’re going through a tough time, just think back and realize that every challenge you have ever faced made you who you are, it made you stronger, wiser, faster, braver, better. The same is true for all your current struggles, and the same will be true for all your future struggles. So save yourself some time and start asking yourself, “what gift does this hold for me?”

The moment you answer it honestly and earnestly, the clouds will start to part. Oh look, the beautiful sun was there all along. 🙂 ♥

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