Day 16: The Progress and Evolution of Life :) (8.25.11)

What a fun photoshoot with Betsy, hehe :). Oh my gosh is it day 16, already? Phew.

I woke up today in a major funk, which lasted for about half the day. I’m teaching myself (and life is teaching me) to let go of the need for control… which, of course, means I’m being “tested” a lot right now lol. Man oh man. I’m feeling pussshed and pullllled to extend my comfort zone as much as possible.

I can’t control people’s perceptions of me, no matter how I try. I can’t control how they react to me, only they can.

I can’t control how fast my life progresses to the next level, I can only go with the flow and surf the waves as best as I can. “Surf”, here, by the way, is a proactive term. I’m not floating with the waves – I’m actively surfing them, finding the best route to have fun along the way and not get pummeled.

These were the two areas my life was stretching in on day 16. Somewhere in the middle, I decided I needed to try another surfing technique. I meditated a second time. lol I’ve known for a while that it’s best for me to meditate multiple times a day, but I’ve been resisting it. No more. I want to grow!! I want to listen to my body’s signals and act in its best interest. Just like I drink water when I’m thirsty and I eat when I’m hungry, I want to stretch my body when it’s tense and meditate multiple times a day… because I know it’s good for me. No better time to start than now. πŸ™‚ After I meditated that second time I felt *fabulous*. All better! πŸ˜€ Score one for Amparo.

Later on that night, Betsy came over to watch one of the film from a club I’m a part of, the “Spiritual Cinema Circle”. The movie, The Perfect Game, was about a group of Mexican kids from the mid 1950s who go on to win the Little League Basball Championship in the U.S. The theme of racism was prevalent.

It got me thinking about my own theme of today, and how beautifully life has progressed and will continue to progress, as long as we keep masterfully surfing the waves. πŸ™‚ It is because of the surfing abilities of every warrior that came before me that I no longer *have* to be a secretary and/or a housewife. I have more choices. I’m a *big* fan of having choices.

And, yes, oh yes, we still have lots of surfing to do. We always will. In our personal lives and in the greater scheme of humanity. But let us not forget to celebrate our victories, they fuel us for the journey yet to come.

I sufed so well yesterday that I went from feeling I had a gray cloud hanging over my head, to being able to express the child-like joy within again. That is a damn good victory and I am very proud of myself. Nope, I can’t control other people’s reactions to me, no matter how well-intended they are. All I can do is control my own. And I’m gonna have a blast on this beautiful little planet of ours. πŸ™‚

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