Day 23: Acclimating and Self-Prioritizing (9.1.11)

I settled in to my new home today. 🙂  Have I mentioned how right it feels? 🙂  The more I think about it, the more I notice this place has some key things I kept saying I wanted in the next place I lived in.  It’s kind of crazy, actually. lol 🙂  Like I said, it all works out perfecly… it’s just up to me to notice how.  All the puzzle pieces are there, it just takes my brain a bit sometimes to put it all together and see the grand mosaic that life has handed me.  And that’s normal.  But the more I fill my life with gratitude and faith, the more I am able to easily see the perfection all around me.  🙂

I ended my perfect day of wrapping things up in my old home by cooking myself a supremely delicious meal.  I’m pretty special when it comes to food.  Food is a spiritual experience for me.  My mentality is: if it doesn’t cause me to moan, it’s not worth my eating it, so I need to get it to that place or find something else. I approach most things in my life in a similar fashion – if it doesn’t blow my mind, if it doesn’t feel “right” – I won’t go with it for very long, if at all.  I’m meant to be happy, I know that now, and I will follow my joy to the ends of the Earth.

I cooked myself this treat as a tribute to my body.  It dealt with a whole lot yesterday, and I didn’t even meditate the entire day.  I’ve been meditating consistently three times a day for about a week now, except yesterday.  My inner child wanted some good loving.  So I cuddled my new kitty and ate good food, an experimentation as always. 🙂  I never know what I will get when I experiement, but I know it’s always worth the risk.  That’s life.  You never know what you’ll get when you decide to take a risk and follow your heart, but it’s worth it.  It truly, truly is, no matter what your fears tell you.

🙂 *sigh* I’m just in awe at how life has guided me.  I can’t believe I’m turning 25.  25!  Wow!  I’m not shocked by the number because I think it’s high.  On the contrary, I will always be young, because my heart will always be young.  I have never felt my age anyways.  I always felt older… and younger, at the same time. 🙂 The reason why I’m shocked is because of how *amazingly* my life has turned out.  As a teen, I used to look to my mid-twenties as my “salvation”, when I would feel powerful, beautiful, brilliant, confident, sexy, and fierce… things I did not feel at all back then.  🙂 I do feel all those things now… and more… but it’s not the outcome that I feel most in awe by.  It was the journey.  It was the journey getting to this place that means the MOST to me. Oh God, how amazing this journey has been. 😀

My life isn’t how I fantasized it would be – it’s so much better.  So, so, so much better.  And I have so much more of it to live. 😀

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