Day 22: Saying Good-bye (8.31.11)

What a crazy emotion-filled day.  I moved out of my apartment of 2 years, taking all of my DC possessions with me, and into my new home in Silver Springs.  In the morning, I had no idea how it was going to all work out.  I still had so much to do, so much to wrap up and get rid of…. but I kept remembering and saying to myself, “It’ll all work out perfectly.  Everything else in my life has, this will, too.”  And it did.

There is no way I could’ve moved everything on my own.  My friends Patrick, Donna, and Kevin helped me move all my stuff over to Silver Spring.  Thank you :).  My landlord, too, helped me out so much with figuring out what to do with my stuff.  I say it all the time – I have the best people surrounding me. 🙂  So much awesomeness floating around in my life. So lucky!! 😀 😀

Saying good bye was very difficult, especially because I didn’t have the time to walk through every single place that’s meant so much to me over the past two years… which is what I wanted to do.  I’ve explored so much of the surrounding area, though, that it would’ve been impossible, given how much packing I had to do.

So, I settled for saying good bye to the one place that’s meant the most to me over the past year, ever since my big transformation – my park.  That park has seen me carry every single emotion known to mankind.  It was my refuge.  I’d go there many times just to see the sunset from the top of the park’s hill. The picture’s from the top of the hill.  *sigh* I’m going to miss being able to easily do that.  Watching the sun go down from such a vantage point is breathtaking… you can’t help but gasp in awe as the colors change and a warm glow covers the horizon.

I’m glad I got to say good bye to my park. 🙂  Besides, I don’t really believe in good-byes of any kind.  Things don’t ever really end… they just change form. And if you listen to your heart, and act on its signals, of when it’s time to let go and say good-bye, you naturally and beautifully let life progress to the next level.  You go with the flow and let the water carry you to shore, trusting that everything’s going to work out.  And it does. 🙂 Best yet, by saying “ok” to letting go, you create space in your life for the next best thing.  It was a tough lesson to master nearly a year ago, but I got it. 🙂  It’s easier to say good-bye when you know you’re following your heart.

The more I listen and act on my intuition, the more I trust it to guide me to those people, places, things, and experiences that will help me grow and be happy.  That’s all it’s done so far, and that’s all it ever will. 🙂  My heart is awesome, and I’m so exceptionally grateful to be here. Lol and by “here”  I mean not only my physical new home, which feels amazing, warm, welcoming, and perfect, but also the nonphysical “here” where my heart is my #1 priority, and I it. 🙂 ♥

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