Rapidly Releasing Resistance (And Why I Expect Miracles)

“I am realistic – I expect miracles”

~Wayne Dyer

When I was a baby, I developed a really bad cough.  A really bad cough. My mom took me to the doctor, and they told her to stop feeding me milk for a time.  I wasn’t given any vitamins to offset the change in diet.  I’ve been told that this was why I developed a crossed eye before I could talk.  It wasn’t something I could control.  It meant my right eye was permanently positioned close to my nose, and my brain produced a “double” image of everything I saw because of it.

When I was about two, I got my first pair of glasses to correct my vision.  They were tiny, plastic, and wrapped around my ears, so my two-year old hands wouldn’t destroy them.  My mom recounts that the doctor exclaimed that I was the youngest (and cutest? Dare I say?) patient she had ever had.  For the next twelve years, those glasses became one of the sources of my blame for why I hated my life so much.  I was ridiculed often for my large, thick glasses.

At the age of 12 or 13, I realized contacts could be used to correct vision, instead of glasses.  I was a very excited young lady.  Someday soon I wouldn’t need to wear those ugly, clunky glasses!  I would get to be normal!  And maybe even pretty!  Oh my God!

I became convinced that I would be able to get contacts at the age of 15.  I don’t know why I believed it so strongly, given my family’s financial situation, but I did.  I told friends, “When I’m fifteen, I won’t have to wear glasses anymore!!!”  I was so beyond excited.  I had developed this dream world where EVERYTHING would change once I didn’t wear glasses.

I would fantasize about it for hours each day (literally), very excitedly thinking about how different my life would be.

Fast forward to the summer between 14 and 15.  One sunny day, I wake up… and my eyes are perfectly straight, with perfect vision.  I hadn’t undergone any surgery.  After the realization dawned on me, I ran to the kitchen to tell my mom.  “My eyes are straight!!!! MY EYES ARE STRAIGHT!!!!”  She and I were both amazed.

What was even cooler, was I the strange feeling I had that day – that if I had just taken off the glasses one day and believed that I could have straight eyes, then I would have.

Even then, knowing nothing about the law of attraction or the power of belief, I knew instinctively that belief shapes reality, that it has that power.  I didn’t understand how it made sense, but there was no denying it’s how I felt.

For years, it didn’t make sense.  I thought, “but I did take off my glasses so many times and they weren’t straight!!”  BUT I GET IT NOW!  It was the belief.  It was the thought.  It was the constant visualization.  It was the hope that I could have something different in my life, and the releasing of “how” it was going to happen.

That was what created the space for the miracle to be.  Every aspect of life lines up with what you believe!  Even your freakin’ DNA (excuse the excitement!)  (see Greg Braden, Esther Hicks, Wayne Dyer, “What the Bleep Do We Know”, and especially Bruce Lipton – for how DNA is influenced by beliefs!!).

Miracles happen.  That’s how.  This event in my life has since served to remind me that miracles do happen, even if we can’t understand how or why they happen.  A miracle, after all, is just a jump from what was previously thought possible. 😉

And now, over ten years later, I feel stronger, more alive, more filled with potential and possibility.  I love my life SO much more, especially after my latest “dark night of the soul“.  I am way more committed to my dreams and to acting on them!  Why wait 5 years?  What’s the point of wasted life? Baby steps are as fulfilling as diving in, when done purposefully and with intention.

Everything in my life is changing!  It all began with expanded belief of what I could have and be in my life. It had to start there.  All action, creation, everything, starts at the level of belief.  Expect miracles!

Life has taught me how important it is to think beyond what is currently thought of as possible, to accept that there may be WAY more possible than I can currently conceive.

After all, even if you think you know exactly where you’re going, and you think you’ve got it all figured out (especially then), you may actually be on the ride for the purpose of discovering an incredible, thrilling, fulfilling, life-affirming detour.  That detour, that expanded dream, that expanded sense of self, that expanded vision for what is possible – that may just be the real reason you’re on that ride.

So much love,


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