Day 12: Feeding My Soul (8.21.11)

My spiritual health/journey is the most important thing in my life; it’s connected to everything in my life and it affects everything in my life. I would have it no other way.

This day was about feeding my soul. Started off with a brief meditation (Mmm I love meditating! Learning to incorporate it into my daily life). I went to a Unitarian Universalist service with a friend, just to explore. One of the pillars of my spirituality is open-mindedness. I’d never been to a unitarian service and I wanted to try it out. The picture is from the place itself.

You never know what something has to teach you, until you entertain it and give it it’s proper place. If you’re scared of what you might find… you ever get to see what wonder, magic, and inspiration life has all around. Open your eyes, see the butterflies! Or close your eyes and see your own light. 🙂 Feed your soul my friends.

Laugh… about everything and anything. Life is funny, and always trying to bring a smile to your face. Don’t be too busy to notice. That flower smells so gorgeously just to catch your attention, my valued friend. Love… yourself, your world, everything. Love has a direct, positive effect on whatever it touches. There is no more powerful force. Learn… open yourself up to the wonderful Lessons life has to show you! They’re everywhere! And they all start with helping you remember how valuable you are and how much life is rooting for you, for your happiness. Don’t put it off. Live your life, exactly how you want to. Shine, be happy. Fight for your right to be happy! Fight for your right to have what you want in life. But be kind, and know that your fate is tied with that of everyone else… and the happier your kin is, the happier you can be, too. Science backs this up, of a sorts, but you don’t need that level of proof to see it all around you. Look around. Laughing is contagious. Smiles prevent suicide. And a hug can change a life. 🙂

My day carried an abundance of all three elements. It was perfect… as I’m discovering everything is. 🙂 It’s up to me (as the investigator! hehe!) to see where the perfection lies hidden, waiting to be discovered. 🙂 The more I focus on my spiritual development, the keener my investigatve skills become, and the more happy and in tune with my heart my life gets. 😀 So awesome. 😀

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