Day 13: Choosing to Stay Focused on the Present Moment / Reflections of the New Me (8.22.11)

Have I mentioned I have a lot to do? lol So many tasks to complete, so many goals to reach. But, always, my choice is to come back to the present moment. I’ve gotten *much* better at this.

I started making that choice about 3 years ago. It was way hard then. Way hard to decipher the filters and walls I put up in order to shy away from reaching my goals (it always goes back to the fear of the unknown). I’m extremely grateful for how much easier this has gotten for me in so short a time. 😀

I swear, I feel like a different person, and I’m still in the middle of stage 3 of my current transformation (lol because that’s what it feels like). As markers that I feel are appropriate and intuitive, this particular stage of my transformation will end when I find a job, an apartment, and a new relationship – all according to the new me. Along the way, so many more changes, so many more beautiful things, will pop up in my life reflecting the new me… and I excitedly welcome them in. 😀

As for the big three, I’m OK with taking my time getting to them, and deliberating in detail whether it really fits in with my new model. 🙂 It’ll all come in it’s perfect time. I *know* it, without a doubt. And I mean it. 😀

After that, life will lead me on many more transformations, and I’ll be ready for them, too. 🙂 It can be scary when your entire mentality and way of being shifts, and the people and things around you start reflecting those shifts. Some people leave your life, other people change with you, and still others become new additions. It’s been such an amazing journey. And the only way I’ve been able to handle it is to stay focused on the present moment, come back from the “what if’s”. There are an infinite amount of “what if’s”, but there is only one present moment. Here. Now. And this is where your power lies.

Life’s about to teach me another lesson about just how/why that is. 🙂 ♥ Good night, beautiful people. Have a wonderful week. Shine your lights, always. 🙂

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